About Us

Big A Driving School was established in 1963 by a single mom who at the time was raising two daughters. 45 years later we are still going strong.


Big A Driving School was established by Mike in 1963 and is currently owned and operated by Paula Burchard, who started as an instructor in 1995 and took over the business in 1997. Paula took over the business of Big A Driving School at the request of Mike Stagon before his passing. He wanted Big A Driving to continue business.

We have grown into an awesome team of experienced professional driving instructors. We run thorough background checks on our employees making sure that both their driving and criminal records are clean. Big A Driving School makes sure that our staff is up to date with all the latest regulations to ensure you receive the proper information during your instruction. Big A instructors have been driving instructors for over 15-20 years.

Big A Driving School is a member of Connecticut Driving School Professionals (CDSP.)

Give us a call at 860-346-7053 and schedule your appointment today! We look forward to working with you.


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